I use D’Addario EXP 17 on my acoustics and EXP110 on my electrics.  I use Blue Chip Picks (TAD 50) on my acoustic and the white teardrop Claytons (1.52mm) on my electrics.   I use Moody straps, and all Planet Waves/D’Addario products including tuners, cables, etc..




I am a proud Bourgeois Guitars artist.

2019 Bourgeois Nova Custom – I worked with Bourgeois to come up with the perfect blend of my D and OM models. My main giggin’ axe right now and I love it!

2017 Bourgeois D-Custom – My #1 dreadnaught, built for me to my specs.

201? Bourgeois OM-Large Soundhole – I needed a spare on the road, but wanted something that wasn’t a dreadnaught (but still needed to be powerful enough in a bluegrass band). The OM large sound hole (Madagascar Rosewood back and sides) was the perfect fit, and in fact became my main road guitar instantly.

2007 Collings D1A  – I toured this guitar for over 10 years.


1957 Martin D-28 – I record quite a bit with this one.



2001 “The Peanut” – This is a guitar I built.  I’ve had it on the road as a spare as well/DADGAD guitar.



1976 Fender TelecasterSeymour Duncan pickups: Quarter Pounder in Neck and Bridge.  This is my #1 electric that I use.  The Tele through the years:



2011 Gibson Les Paul – The most recent addition to my arsenal, I’ve always wanted a Les Paul being a Mike Bloomfield fanatic and so I finally got one at the end of 2016.  It’s been upgraded in every way by the friend I acquired it from, including hand wound Seymour Duncan pickups, upgraded hardware and wiring, and it has the Bloomfield tone for days.



1992 Heritage 535 – Stock antique sunburst model.  Sometimes my brother Tom uses this with The Falco Brothers.


1986 Ibanez Roadstar II Series – Seymour Duncan pickups: SSL-5 neck and middle(rw/rp), JB humbucker for the bridge.  Guitar has 5 way switch, 1 Volume (push pull for single coil/humbucker toggle) and 1 tone.  This was the first guitar that was bought for me as a Christmas present from my parents, and the guitar I learned on.   I stripped the thick red finish off and put a black lacquer finish on it.  Once I replaced all the electronics with high end pots, switch and wiring along with the Duncan P/U’s, this guitar became a really amazing instrument that I still use today.



1968 Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp


1980 Fender Champ

60’s Gibson Minuteman

2000’s Peavey Classic 30

electric pedal board:

Looper switch (to bypass pedalboard when not in use)–>Pedal Board: Boosta Grande–>Cry Baby–>MicroQtron–>Analog Man Compressor–>Tube Screamer–>Hilton Electronics Volume Pedal –> Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy Delay

acoustic pedal board/pickups:

I use the Fishman Matrix Infinity pick up system through a Fishman Aura in all my acoustic guitars, so it goes to a Fishman Aura 16–>Grace Designs FELIX preamp/DI, and then via effects loop–>POG Octave Pedal–>TC Electronics Corona Chorus–>Source Audio Tremelo–>Strymon Brigadier Delay

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