In addition to being an artist, Andy Falco is a studio producer, engineer and mixer. Use the contact page to inquire about producing your next record, or regarding mixing services.

Andy is also available to do remote overdubs on your record.  Whether you would like him to put acoustic guitars, electric guitars, mandolin, or dobro on your recordings, just send him your track and he will add his parts as if he was in the studio with you.

Use the contact page on this website to inquire about Andy Falco working on your record.

Andy’s Studio, Sayville NY

Protools 11

Teac 80-8 1/2” 8 track Tape

Fostex R8 – 1/4″ 8 track Tape

2 x API 512c mic preamps

2 x NEVE 1073LB mic preamps

2 x CAPI VP312

Universal Audio LA-610 mic preamp/optical compressor

Focusrite ISA ONE mic preamp/di

Focusrite ISA TWO mic preamp (2 channels)

Focusrite octopre mic preamps (8 channels)

2 x DBX 560 compressors

Yamaha NS-10 studio monitors

JBL LSR305 monitors

Fender Rhodes electric piano



Neumann TLM 103

Audio Technica 4060

Shure SM7

2 x Bussman BSC 1

Bussman Little B

Bussman U67 type

Audio Technica 4033

2 x Shure SM 81

3 x Shure SM57

Shure Beta 57

Unidyne 545

Shure KSM137

Shure Beta52

Audio Technica Pro 35





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